Saturday, January 28, 2012

New fly

I just bought the stuff to tie some copper johns up with and figured I would try to tie one tonight. I am decently new to tying so obviously there are going to be some complications with tying it. I have only tied a few different patterns that are really fish worthy. But I figured I would try something new especially since trout season will be here relatively soon. So I started tying and that is where it all went wrong. The fly is oddly proportional and looks like shit compared to what i was hoping for. I thought fishing and fly tying was supposed to be relaxing? Well for me it is definitely not, spent 10 minutes trying to tie that thing and its useless. I guess we learn from our mistakes, well I hope so because if I don't this fly tying thing might just be a memory. Guess that's all, just had to rant.

On a random thought, if an attractive girl at Cabela's asks you what you are doing tonight, you say nothing, and ask her if she wants to hang out. You don't tell her your going to hang out with your friends Jeff and Bob, those plans can be cancelled, poor guy was clueless to how much more fun his night could have been. Better luck next time bro, maybe you wont be so oblivious to her haha

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I hate the winter, ruins my fishing. Only real good fishing this time of year is Erie, and living 2 1/2 hours away makes it a pain to go there. Wanted to try ice fishing this year but it hasn't really been cold enough long enough to freeze the lakes, don't worry though it has been quite cold. This P.A. weather is trash, you can go from 10 degrees to 50 in 1 day. Well me and my two friends are planning to go to Erie the first weekend of February for some steelhead. And this week coming up I should be going over my friend Will's house to tie some flies or he should be coming over mine, who knows. But I guess it will take my mind of of my fishlessness for a while.