Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Memories to Come

Me and my good friend Will have decided that we are going to journey across the states to catch trout. Our first destination will be somewhere in West Virginia, and are last will be Alaska. I know that Florida does not have any trout, but we are counting the sea trout. This will take us many years, cost us a small fortune, and we will have to put many hours into research but I think it will be well worth it. By the end of all this I will have so many good memories that I probably wouldnt have had the chance to have if it wasn't for this idea. Ill be writing about all of my trips and posting pictures as well. The fish that I want to catch the most would have to be the golden trout, possibly the most beautiful fish I have ever seen. We will probably be going sometime in October to WV, so wish us luck, and check back for pictures and a story.

If you click on the link it will take you to Wikipedia to see several pictures.

Monday, August 22, 2011

My Fishing Arsenal, Part 1

I'm going to list what fishing rods and reels that I own and frequently use. Also going to tell what my thoughts are on them, and what I like using them for. I'm listing them in order of age, my first one to my most recent one. Later on I will be listing some of my favorite lures, and what works the best for me and when they work.

The one that got me addicted to fishing, my Browning Syntec. It was my first rod, got it when I was around 8 or so, I'm 18 now so its around 10 years old. Its starting to show its years and I'm kind of sad, but I still do fish with it and the reel is still pretty good. I like fishing rubber worms with it, I used to fish my poppers with it to but I got a better rod since then.

My first ultralight was a cheap Shakespeare rod and reel combo. Not until about 4 to 5 years ago did i really start trout fishing, so it was manly used for bluegill and now isn't used for much since i got a better ultralight.

I have an medium action ugly stik, and had a shakespeare reel on it till it recently broke. I will never ever again buy an ugly stik, I cant stand how they feel. They are to heavy and awkward, i only used spinnerbaits on it, anything else was to awkward to use.

I then bought a Quantum Glacier Xp, its easily my favorite rod and i use it for just about everything, spinnerbaits is the only thing I dont like using on it. I use it for carp a,d catfish as well as bass fishing.

I also have a Cabelas Gold label medium light 7ft rod and reel combo, haven't really used it, but it seems like it is going to be a good worm rod. This was also my first rod for bass that was not a 6' 6'' medium action rod.

I have a Pinnacle vertex 8 foot rod with an Okuma Avenger reel on it for steelhead. I found out it is a great rod for carp, has enough back bone to land 10 to 15 pound carp even on 4 pound test. As a steelhead rod, not sure, broke the one fish i had on with it off.

For trout this year I bought myself a Daiwa Strikeforce ultralight. It was a great rod for trout, and was exactly what i was looking for in a ultralight setup. It handled fish from 5 inches to 20 inches with ease. Also went carp fishing with it and caught a 5 pound carp, what a great fight it was.

The beginning of this summer i bought a 7 foot medium heavy field and stream rod and a Daiwa Takara baitcasting reel. First baitcasting set up, and i dont hate it but it does take some practice. I can throw spinnerbaits and other heavy lures pretty far with it, but that's about the only thing i use it for heavy lures.

I recently just won a Plueger President reel that is coming out this year from I know have to buy a rod that matches the reel nicely seeing as it is one of the nicest reels i have.

Those are all of my fish rods and reels, except for a fly rod that I'm still practicing with.