Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fights and No Fish

I was supposed to go fishing today, but plans got cancelled when my buddy texted me saying he couldn't go. Apparently he got sucker punched in the face and ended up with a broken nose and 5 stitches, then the little prick who punched him ran away. He just said he wasn't really feeling up to fishing and I said no problem, but I did tell him we will be going out this week.

Easter vacation starts friday for me, I have four days off and I plan on spending at least 2 days fishing. Also I have a break from tennis for a few days so we might go out to a Delayed Harvest section near us after school. Hopefully we get some pictures so I can put them up. I received my new L.L. Bean rod a week or so ago and haven't been able to use it, kind of a downer, but it will get used soon enough.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Opening Day

Every year around this time I start to lose sleep over fishing. I know its opening day and fishing might not be the right word for it but it is what got me into fishing. It really isn't the catching either, it's more about having a fun time with your friends, and then its about who can catch the most. 35 was the highest last year, I lost with thirty so hopefully I can beat my friends this year.

I was just out scoping out a spot for us to fish, have to find a nice hole that is small enough for 4 or 5 people to box everyone else out. I might be a jerk for saying that, but I it when you can't be loud and obnoxious because old or young ears are around so if no one else can fish there, it's better off. I did find a nice spot that we could fish, the only problem is there was a pali in there which means everyone has probably seen it too. Guess I will be getting up real early to get that spot.

Something I saw when I was out walking along the creek made me think back to when I was about 5 or 6. I saw a little girl and what I believe to be her aunt and uncle playing pooh sticks. You might have no idea what pooh sticks is so I'll tell you. It's a game were you drop a stick on one side of a bridge and see whose stick gets to the other side first. Possibly the dumbest thing you have ever heard of, right? Wrong, I remember playing this when I was little and every time I go to this park I think about it, may be stupid to most people, but to some of us it brings back great memories.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Videos and Fishing

My two friends and I went to the Fly Fishing Film tour down at Cabela's this past sunday. I never went to one before and was curious to what it was going to be like. Well it was completely different from what I thought it was going to be, seemed like most of the things were advertisements for movies, but there were a few that looked incredibly awesome and I think I may actually get them. Will I go again? Probably, I thought it was neat, and Cabela's had it for free so if they have it again I don't see why I wouldn't.

The Tuesday following this three of my friends and I went to help stock trout. First time I ever did this too. Skipped a day of school to go stock trout and fish for a little. The WCO were very happy to have young guys there to help move the fish. The men that were there were all older and definitely did not look like they wanted to walk fish more than thirty feet. I had fun throwing the fish in and watching them swim, I will definitely do it again, just need to find a good day to skip school again.

We started fishing close to were we stocked and I have to say freshly stocked fish are a pain in the ass to catch. There was probably 100+ or so fish in front of us and I think we ended up with 10. Did catch three on the fly rod and had a good time doing so. One think I definitely noticed though was my fly casting still sucks, lost too many flies to count. Guess I will have to keep working on it, can't expect to be an expert over night. Also sorry no pictures, did think to take any at the time.

Monday, March 5, 2012


I finally got to get out this past Sunday to go and do some trout fishing. I went out one time before this to a lake but that's just no fun. We went up to Laurel Hill creek, it was just stocked Saturday to try and get a few on the fly. Conditions were nowhere near ideal, it had rained pretty hard two days before and brought the creek up a lot. P.A. also decided to have a winter day and it was snowing and 30 decrees all day long.

When we got there I casted out and within ten minutes caught one. We then went 5 hours without catching another freaking fish. I did have a good time though, loved being able to get out of the house and outside fishing. Towards the end of the day everything went to shit though, friend fell halfway in and my waders started leaking. So we decided we should probably call it a day and get out of there before we died.

Next weekend I'll be going to see the Fly Fishing film, and hopefully that Tuesday after I will be stocking trout and then doing some fishing. I will tell you how all that goes later.