Thursday, February 21, 2013

A very cold fish

Went out today, not to canonsburg though, nor trout fishing, I actually went down to the river after whatever hit my bait. It was one of those days. We only managed 1 fish in about 4 hours of 20 degree weather, it was quite a long 4 hours let me tell you. It was a white bass, not to big but still a fish. I had a few more hits but nothing else brought in. Hopefully it will start to warm up here shortly and I will be able to get a few more of them and maybe some freaking pictures.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Little Powerbait action if you know what I mean

I mean I used powerbait, I think that is the only thing that title could mean. Went out to a local lake that was stocked with trout a few days before hand. I managed 3 in total, not to many but seeing as everyone else I talked to caught none, I feel like I did pretty good. Nothing to brag about or anything, just your averaged stocked trout, I will probably go out again this Thursday to see if I can catch a few more. I am just waiting till March gets here, spring break=tons of fishing. Plus my friends are coming home so I will have some buddy to do my fishing with for a little. More than likely going to make a trip to Laurel Hill creek to help stock, then to Meadow Run a different day, and then up to Erie one last time.