Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Countdown

So my last few fishing trips have been good/bad. I have caught at least 2 fish on all of them, but each time I have gone fishing, my count has gone down by one. If this is truly whats happening I have 1 more outing until I can't catch a single trout anymore. Looks like my fly fishing career is almost over.

Went back out to Pike run today, landed 2, and missed A LOT more, just wasn't paying attention for the most part. Water was good, nice and green so the fish didn't spook to easily. Landed one pretty early and then switched spots, saw a Pali and that was it. Tried and tried and tried some more to catch him but I couldn't. It finally got dark enough and I couldn't see him so I just started casting a Wooly bugger hoping to catch one, I did, should have just done that from the beginning and ignored that freak of a fish. Well I am going back out tomorrow and the first thing I am going to do is try to catch the stupid fish again, its like a bad addiction, it just wont be satisfied till I get him in.

I don't think I wrote my last one or two trips, but I have a total of 56 now.

Friday, March 22, 2013

I truly missed my fly rod

I went back out to Canonsburg today, caught one and missed another and decided after about 45 minutes of no fish that I had had enough of the cold for one day. On my trip home after I had started to warm up, I had a change of heart and went to Pike Run DHALO. I landed 2 here on trout magnet and 1 on a spinner. I really felt out of place without my fly rod though, I feel like I may have been able to manage a few more if I had it, oh well. I will probably head there Saturday evening or sometime Sunday, depends on when I can get the car.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Picture This

Rod gets a hit, fish is about to pull it over the edge, I make a mad dash for it, slip, slide with my face inches from a concrete wall, my hands go perfectly on to the rod, set the hook, and then I catch my fish. 

Did you picture it? Well if you didn't it was awesome. I had forgotten to loosen my drag and I guess the fish they stocked in Canonsburg where a little bigger than normal. My buddy Steve and I went out today for about 2 hours until the cold got to us and we went home. He landed 4 and I landed 6, so ten and all and a few more we missed, not bad for a freezing cold day, temps didn't even break 25 while we were out. I might head out tomorrow, not sure if I want to deal with the cold weather again or not.

Last week I did go up to Meadow Run, water was pretty high, had one fish on that I lost to a tree, my buddy had another two on that he also lost. The water was strong enough we were using 6 weights to chuck the proper weight to get the nymphs to sink fast enough, I normally would use my 3 weight on this creek. It was crazy.

We also ended up not going to Erie, friend cancelled last minute, a few words were exchanged and then we went and ate breakfast the following morning before he left back to school. You just can't hate your bro forever.

Monday, March 11, 2013

It has begun

I helped the PFBC stock trout in a local creek last Wednesday, and then fished for a few hours after in the DHALO section of the creek. I managed 5, 4 on a stonefly nymph and 1 on a conehead woolly bugger I had tied. I took my brother out the next day and managed six, I did use my spinning rod this time and landed 6 on trout magnet. I haven't fished creeks with my spinning rod in a while, I thoroughly enjoyed using it again, brought me back to when I first started fishing.

This past Saturday I went out with a few friends who are home for spring break. We went out to Laurel Hill Creek and helped stock that also, then fished it too. I managed 21 trout on a variety of different patterns and between the two of them they got 16. I felt pretty good about my fishing abilities to say the least. They were pretty stacked up seeing as they were just recently thrown in and drifting nymphs or twitching woolly bugger in front of their faces tended to set them off. I will probably be making my next trip up to Meadow run alone, my buddies "forgot" they were going to Gettysburg with their family. Hopefully I will get a few up their to add to my trout count. So far I have 38 trout, almost at my opening day score from last year.

A few flies I tied up