Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Possible name change in blog

I have been getting a ton of spam links going to my blog, so if I can't find a way to stop it I may be switching links or something, hopefully I can keep all the posts I have written, not sure what to do at the moment. Guess I will have to look around and see what I can do.

Soft striking fish

Are the biggest pain in the arse. Man I can't stand them, missed probably 20 due to how soft and fast they hit. I really like when they hit and you know stay on for more than 1/2 a second. Landed 12 today on a bunch of different stuff. Shrimp pattern, Green Copper John, Scud, and a Rainbow warrior and 2 on my spinning rod. Biggest was around 15 inches, smallest, was pretty damn small.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

It only takes 3 guys to ruin a good day...

Thursday I was free from school like normally and decided to go and help stock Pike run again. Did all the normal stuff, threw some fish in the water, you know how it is. After it was all done I fished the last hole we stocked since no one was there. Didn't take to long for that to change, 3 vehicles in about 5 minutes arrived so I decided to bounce and head back to the DHALO section of the creek. Had the hole all to myself when 2 guys and 2 of their kids came down to the hole, no big deal normally. They then pulled out the bait and started using it, I couldn't believe it, they had actually helped stock the creek and now where doing whatever the hell they pleased. I told them they weren't allowed to use corn in the DHALO section, there reply? "I asked the warden, he said you can use corn to fish for trout." Ya you can fish for trout with it, but only where you can fish with bait. They said they didn't realize it was a DHALO section and would head out. But I got frustrated and left before them just hoping they would leave. Talked to a guy the day after who told them about an hour after me that they couldn't use corn there, guess they didn't leave.

Went up to a different hole and was again alone, caught a few there then a man and his 2 kids came down and believe it or not they were using bait. There are about 10 different signs at this hole that the guy apparently didn't see when he walked in after his kids. He then asked if it was a DHALO section which I replied yes to and then he told his kids they would have to leave as he stood there and casted in. I was just dumbfounded and started getting ticked. Then sure enough, like the world new I was already mad, his kid caught a fish that swallowed the hook. Well being good ol dad, don't want to waste a 15 cent hook, he tries to rip it out of the fishes throat, and after about 5 minutes he fails and cuts the line, proceeds to throw the fish out watch it go belly up and then watch his kid kick it. He immediately left after this. What a waste, I was so pissed at him it was unbelievable. Ended up with 17 fish that day, but didn't catch a single fish after the run in with that guy.

I did go out the next day and luckily had a much better day. Only caught thirteen trout and a big sucker, but had a good time bull shitting with 2 guys I met out there. I also caught that 18 incher that I caught about a month ago again, CPR(Catch Photo Release) really works. And I did find out that the 2 wardens out there busted 4 guys for bait in the DHALO section, not the guys the pissed me off sadly. but at least it is something. Found out the one officer was sitting in the woods watching the guys.

Bad picture of the trout, it flopped out of my hand a second before the picture snapped and being stupid I just had to retake it.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hanging with my bro

Kind of a late post but oh well. Went to Pigeon again with my brother Sunday to try and catch a few more bass. I missed a 18 or so inch largemouth who was really fat, I was not to happy about that. He then missed about a 15 inch largemouth when his reel messed up on him. Stuff happens I guess? Only landed two and he landed a small one and a few bluegill.

On a side note, I have not been fly fishing at all lately and really should get back out and do some of that, but it is really hard to beat these bass.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

The last of the minnows

Went back out with my bro to waste the rest of the minnow, sadly he didn't get any bass, but he did have fun catching bluegill. I know that feeling all to well. I landed three more and lost a few nice ones to a beaver dam.

Man I love bass

Went down to pigeon last night and again today, landed 1 and then 3. I caught the one last night on a black and chartreuse grub and the ones from today on big ol' shiners. They were very very sluggish after the big cold front that went through. You could barely tell when they hit it.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Freshwater drum

That sounds a lot better than sheepshead, caught two of these guys when I went back. Saw a few other fish landed, not to much though.

6 trout and 5 bass

Went out to mingo last night and this morning landed 3 each day. Today it hit 80 when I was there so I decided to head to the river and try my luck throwing some mr twisters and worms. Did pretty good, landed 5 bass, 3 different kinds and some nice bluegill and sunfish. Now I am a little sunburnt and planning to head back out to get even more sunburnt.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sweet Video

Someone shared this on reddit, sweet video of some BWO action in P.A.

Baetis Train

P.A. Undercurrent Outfitters made the video, if you have 5 minutes give it a watch.


153, landed 5 more freshly stocked trout... Nothing to much to brag about but I hit my goal for trout this year, and I couldn't be happier. Now a lot where on opening day which is the easiest day of the year to catch them, so if you take them out I am only at 82 so I am going to try and get 71 more non opening day fish. Very possible and very likely, the thing is I drive now which makes a huge difference. I can go whenever I want, no friends need to drive me nor do my parents, which is great, probably why I got 153 so soon. Great year so far, truthfully can't wait for next year so I can restart it, 200 on the fly and 250 altogether, have to add a few for opening day when it can be kind of hard to fly fish. Setting the bar high but I am O.K. with that. Now I can't wait for my buddy to get home so we can go and catch some wild ones together or at least harder fish from the yough or something. It is a great feeling, one of the goals I was aiming for I hit. Now for some carp and bass action. Well maybe in a few months, the trout are still around.

Monday, April 15, 2013


I just noticed, I hit 1,000 page views today, only took 2 years and some of it was probably from spam sites, but cool shit. Back to fishing though.

Went back out to Mingo today hoping that the crowds had died down a lot, they didn't die down to much. I landed 8, 5 on flies and 3 on salmon eggs again. I did feel pretty good today as I helped a young kid catch a few trout. He was using minnows as bait and killing them, just not seeing ti happen so he missed a good bit of fish. As I stood on the bank I was watching a fish eye up his bait, he grabbed it and I started yelling for him to set the hook. Sadly he didn't realize I was talking to him and didn't get it.... Second time around he did. He said it was his first fish of the year, he dad said thanks. I helped him catch another on and hid brother a second, it felt really good doing so. I ended up sitting on the bank for a few minutes watching as the three brother bickered back and forth and laughed because I do the same with mine. I ended up leaving the hole to move to a different one were I managed three to make my 8. They kid and his brothers landed 6 or 7 in total, it was nice to help out though. Well I hit 148, only 2 more to go, doesn't seem like a problem. That drivers license really helps with getting the number, maybe next year 250? Maybe I should just wait till next year to decide. No fishing tomorrow, probably none Tuesday and again none on Wednesday  stupid classes, oh well. At least Thursday I have a whole day to go out and fish, and a few hours Friday evening.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Well it has come and gone once again.

Had a pretty good day yesterday and it was full of laughs. Got to the creek at around 5 and there was already a bunch of guys. My buddies got there at 6:30 and got stuck on the outer edge of the pool. Started out chucking Trout Slayers, then salmon eggs and that was about it. I caught 27 at this point and decided to start fly fishing. Started out with some fairly normal flies, only picked up a few though. Then switched to eggs again without a bobber or weight and would just let the egg slide down and I would pop it up when it hit the bottom, fish killed it. I also used a leach pattern that caught me around 7 or 8 fish. Then we found a few small redworms on the muddy bank, I laughed and put one on and sure enough a fish hit it, this thing was barely an inch long but it worked pretty good. I ended the day with 71, my buddy will with 27 and my buddy Alex with somewhere around 8 or 9, but he left really early, needed to go home and finish a project for one of his courses.

Well that makes 140 fish, heading back out in a little, hopefully I will get the ten I need. Also I may be putting a video up shortly, friend needs to send it to me, but it is of me catching a fish and releasing it. Gopros are pretty cool, I need to get me on

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Monday and Today

Headed back out to Pike Run when I got out of classes, 1 trout on Monday and a trout and a smallie today. I had a decent amount of hits but sometimes a size 18 is pretty hard to get hooked into the fish's mouth. Water was very low and clear, but couldn't see any fish. Eyes have been a little jacked up so I had to wear my classes and couldn't use my polarized sunglasses, oh well. Probably all the fishing I will get to do, looks like the weather is going to get crappy. If we get all the rain we are supposed to, opening day is going to be very interesting for sure.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Little Green Copper Johns

Went back out to Pike Run again, landed six this time around. I got snagged numerous times on the opposite side of the bank, I was losing my mind by the time I left. For some reason I couldn't judge distance and cast for the life of me. Picked 5 of them up on a small size 14 or 16 green copper john and 1 on a rainbow warrior, I think that is what it's called? I could be making that up though. I also landed a minnow, looked like your average minnow you buy from the bait shop, but around 5 or 6 inches. Good day to get back out, nice and warm compared to what I was fishing in the last few times.

67 now, I'd like to get 75 before opening day, not to far off.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fish I have caught

I was just trying to think of all the fish I have caught and figured I would list them, spinning vs fly fishing. I am going to leave panfish and suckers/chubs out of this, kind of pointless, but I would love for my fly fishing to eventually match up, if not pass up my spinning catches.

Catfish (Flathead, Channel, and Bullhead)
White Bass
Trout Stocked (Brook, Rainbow, Brown, and the Pali)
Erie Steelhead

White Bass
Trout Stocked (Brook, Rainbow, and Brown)
Trout Wild (Brook)
Erie Steelhead

Truth be told, I didn't realize until I just typed this up that, not even counting the catfish, I am going to have one hell of a time catching up. I would like to get Largemouth and Carp out of the way this summer, but for the others? Well those are going to suck, I won't lie. I think most, if not all of the catfish I catch on the fly rod will be pure luck, it seams they mostly are. But I have no idea where I will chase Walleye, Sauger, and Muskie on the fly, hmm guess I will have to figure that out in the future.

19 and a smallie

Went fishing a few more times, didn't write about any of them, nothing amazing happened though. First trip landed 2 more trout uping my count to 58. Then went to the river a few times with nothing to show, not even a hit.

I did go out to Pike run again today and did pretty well. I landed three trout and a smallmouth. The one trout hit 19 inches, my second best on the fly rod, the other being a steelhead. I caught 2 more average trout after that, and then out of the blue landed a 12 to 13 inch smallmouth. Surprised me, but I was excited, new fish on the fly for me, so I won't complain about the size. I will probably be getting back out Thursday, not sure where I will be going but I would like to get out again. Opening day will be here soon opening up my possible streams a lot, pretty excited for that, but the best part of the post, I finally got some pictures, only 2 but enjoy.

The three trout today make a total of 61, slowly but surely getting there.