Friday, June 22, 2012

Good days and nights

Pic from Tuesday night. The camera on my phone sucks, no flash or anything so its hard to make out. But it was a white bass I believe.

Went out to a small lake when my friend took his girlfriend to college for a test. Caught a few bluegill and my friend managed one bass, very slow day. Saw a few other nice bass and some nice carp, I will probably give the lake another try this summer.

Went fishing in the morning at a pond with a friend, managed 3 bass and a crappie, he got one bass. We caught them all on shiners and after they ran out we left. Went to his house and played some COD and then I went home.

A few hours later I was back out with a different group of friends fishing down at the river. We were down there for 11 hours and caught 22 fish. It is probably the best we ave ever done at the river, guess our new spot is pretty good. I caught a white bass on the fly rod, other than that all the fish were caught on our spinning gear. We landed 10 channel catfish, 4 white bass, 5 largemouth, 1 smallmouth, 1 sheepshead(or freshwater drum), and 1 small flathead.

I don't have the pictures for the fish yet and my laptop is also broken so when I leave for vacation I won't be able to post, so unless I get them today you won't get to see till next week.

Next Week
Got a trip planned to the yough again, hopefully my friend doesn't sleep through it again....

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