Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Trout in July?

Went out Sunday night back down to the river. Caught another white bass and a catfish. I had another catfish break me off but it was a pretty slow night. My 2 friends came for 30 or so minutes to fish with me until we went home to get some sleep for our Yough trip the next day. Well we didn't do to well with the sleeping part, went to bed at 4:30 after playing some Halo and Trials.

Left my House at around 8 or so, had to stop and get my one friend a pair of waders so we didn't get there until around 9:30. We started at Meadow run. I saw two fish and put on a nymph with an indicator. The stupid fish grabbed my indicator, so I decided a dry might be worth trying. Missed him, so back to a nymph for the other fish I saw until I got snagged on the bottom and lost the fly. Figured I would just keep throwing a dry until he took it again. Didn't take long and I had a 15 to 16 inch brown trout landed. Put up a good fight and I was really surprised to catch a trout in July, never did that before. Walked down to the yough and my friend caught 2 smallmouth, one was pretty small the other was a average sized one. Went further up the Yough without any luck, water was so cold though, I really want to go back there sometime soon. After this we went to a Wild trout stream and caught 1 wild trout, and my friend also caught one. Had a good time, no pictures though, hopefully I will be going back up there sometime soon. Really want to catch a few fish out of the yough

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