Monday, June 8, 2015

A year and a half

Well it's been a while, haven't done jack with the blog, but I figured why not post something, but what to post, Oh yeah some fish pr0n. Been doing a lot of fishing this year, fly fishing a lot more than before. I landed my first carp on the fly along with a ton of sheepshead. I have also bought a 10wt to start an addiction of toothy critters, should be in the mail in a day or two, can't wait to see it. Bought an Allen Azimuth 10wt and a Kraken reel to match it with, now to start tying some crazy flies. But until then here is some pics from this year, and maybe a few from last. I also took a plant ecology class and a Ornitholgy class, so there might be a few pics of some pretty flowers and birds as well.

Don't think I have ever seen so many scuds, there were thousands in this little creek and the salamanders were feasting on them.

Buddies massive walleye

Pictures aren't in any particular order, but this is what I have been up to for the last few months and into last year. I am hoping to be updating the blog a bit more often this year whether it be with just pictures or fishing and hunting related things.

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