Monday, October 31, 2011

Laurel Hill Creek and Indian Creek

Went up on the 23rd, was the third time I went out fly fishing in my life. I've fished Indian creek before with pretty good success with my ultra light, so Will and I figured we should give it a shot. We got there a little before 10 and by the time we fishing it was 10. Made a few casts and then my friend realized he had a leaky wader. So we drove all the way back to Mt. Pleasant Walmart to buy a pair of waders and socks for him. We decided to try Laurel Hill Creek since I have heard many good things about it, and obviously our luck at Indian creek was not looking to good.

We get there, have a well needed bathroom break and head off. The creek is a beautiful creek and has to hold a decent amount of fish. Walked about 1/2 of a mile without any success, so we decided to go back to Indian Creek because we did see a few there. On our way backto the car i spotted a few and decided to make a few casts. Finally managed to hook up with one, fought pretty good, but it was in a decent current so it had that to its advantage. Successfully landed my 4th trout on the fly, I was pretty happy. We left shortly after and went to Indian creek. When we arrived we took a small walk to look for some fish when I realized I had left my fly box at Laurel hill. So we rushed back there to get my fly box before someone picked it up. As we were pulling up I made my friend laugh so hard he spit Gatorade all over his window. He looked at me laughed, and said "F*** it, I'm fishing" and away he went to the creek. I laughed and then ran down the trail to find my fly box. I walked down some ways and there it was, sitting right where I put it. While I was getting my fly box, Will caught one, his first one the fly. We left shortly after this and went back to Indian creek.

I put on a fly I had found earlier that day and started fishing. Within the first few casts I hooked up and lost him when he jumped about a foot out of the water. I caught 2 more and lost a few more too. Will caught one on a little fly I had made that was similar to the one I had found. Will soon got snagged on a log, and my line got tangled with his. Turned out to be a giant mess we could not fix, so we decided to call it quits and head home. Stopped at McDonald's on the way home for a crappy meal, but a filling one. All in all we had a good day, I did realize though that when fly fishing you have to be more aware of your surrounding area, got stuck on so many trees it was ridiculous, stupid back cast.

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