Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Weekend Fishing

Went up to Erie this weekend for the One fly fishing event. Fished Saturday from around 830 till 1230, and then went and chatted with the other guys at the event. Had a good time, and had some great food. Went back out for an hour or so after all the activities and food where done, again with out any success. Called it quits when it started getting dark and headed to the hotel.

Sunday we got up and got out fishing around 9 o'clock. We used single salmon eggs the hole day, had between 10 to 15 hits, and 3 or 4 hook ups. We didn't manage to get any in. Around 2 my friends dad decided he wanted to go home, so we packed up and called it quits. Arrived at my friends house around 4 and decided we were going to go to a local trout stream that was stocked the week before. We got there around 430 and I had one on the second cast. Finally got to feel a fish on my line again. Had 2 more on a white jig, my friend will got one. So we decided to try our luck at fly fishing, this is my second time actually fishing. I managed to get three on a black wooly bugger and had a few more on. Will didn't have any success, had one hit his fly, but didn't get it in. We are going back out Sunday for sure to another creek, and possibly Saturday too. Hopefully we will get some pictures this time, and wont leave our camera in the car.

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