Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fishing and Hunting

Went out Friday for some pheasant hunting and didn't see a thing. It sucked, and I am so unlucky when it comes to pheasant this year. My brothers and dad went Saturday and they got 3 and kicked several more up.

 I was out fishing with my friends though who came back for a weekend from college. It was a pretty bad day of fishing. My friend caught 1 trout, and after about 20 more chubs we just decided to fish for them. We ended up with 50+ chubs and 1 trout, not to fun, but at least I got to go out and fish with my friends again. Our next trip will be to Erie for steelhead over Thanksgiving break in about a month. They took a few pictures, hopefully I can get them and put them up on here.

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