Friday, October 12, 2012


It's impossible to have the perfect balance of fishing and studying. My grades were pretty bad the first couple of weeks and I have been struggling to keep them up, this has caused me to not fish a lot. I did make it out one time though. My friend and I went out trout fishing, only caught 1, he caught 2. It was a pretty crappy day. The fish had only been in there a day and were stacked on each other, very hard not to snag. My buddy is coming home 2 weeks from now and we are going out for a few hours to hopefully catch a few. I also haven't been able to really go out and use my camera, if I am not at school or studying for it, I am usually sleeping, I wish college was how it was portrayed in movies, definitely isn't though. Also I may be going out tomorrow hunting for some grouse, don't get your hopes up though, pretty tired and not a huge grouse population around here. I will definitely be going out next week though, opening day of pheasant, can't miss that.

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