Saturday, December 31, 2011

A $172 Fish

Took a trip to Erie today with two of my friends. On the way up my friend gets busted for speeding, ended up being a 172 dollar ticket. Took the cop twenty minutes to right the ticket and then we were back on the road, not even going 1 mph over the limit. Got to elk started fishing and didnt catch anything for about 3 hours. Decided to go to 16 mile where we atleast saw some fish last time. Walked up the creek some ways and my friend had one on for a few second. Nothing after that so we started walking back down. My other friend hooks one with a trout magnet but it got off too. To this day I haven't used a fly I tied because I was worried they would be crap. But I decided to tie on one of my white wooly buggers. Casted it out and was bringing it and bam, had one on. 10 seconds later my fly and the fish were gone, tied another one on and last it in the tree. Put my third fly and last fly of this exact same type on and had another one on. Took me under a tree and snapped me off. Well I tied on another white one, little different though and didnt get anything. So we walked further down without any success. On our way out I wanted to cast a few more time into that hole. Ended up hooking another on she took my under the log, but I managed to bring the line under before she could snap me off. She did the several times, but I managed to keep the line from snapping. After what felt like 10 minutes I landed my first steelhead on the fly.


  1. Sometimes white is THE color! What an exciting flurry of activity, and congratulations on getting your first fly rod steelhead! Very exciting!!

    1. Ya it was the only thing they hit, and thanks alot man, it was a blast.