Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year

Guess I should make a post about my goals for 2012 and what I achieved this year.

Well this year I got into trout fishing, carp fishing and fly fishing. I used to manly fish for bass but that changed this year. I started fishing for carp on doughball that I had made and did very well. I fished for them with four pound test and they put up some of the best fights I have every felt. I started fishing for trout alot more this year. I was out almost everyday after school fishing for them. I love catching trout and I love the feeling you get when you see them jump completely out of the water. And finally about fly fishing. I have had a fly rod for 2 years now and never took it out to use it, why? I don't know, possibly because I didn't want to get step outside the box. Well I did, and I am very glad I did. I caught some trout and a steelhead on the fly so far, and the steelhead was on a fly I tied.

My fishing goals for last year.
Catch 100 trout. Only caught 78, but I am happy with that.
Start fly fishing. Success
Catch a fish on a fly I tied. Success

My goals for 2012
Catch 150 trout. Need to aim high.
Catch a carp and a bass on the fly rod.
Improve my fly tying abilities, and learn new patterns.
Go to three other states and catch trout for my trout in every state lifetime goal.

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