Tuesday, December 6, 2011

An Eagle and A Trout

Saturday morning I woke up sweating. It was the day of my Eagle scout board, I have been in scouts for a while now and finally have done all the requirements to achieve Eagle. I studied the night before and the three hours of extra time before my board, but it seemed like I still wasn't ready. The time came for me to go and get tested, they asked my a lot of opinionated questions, the hardest being why I should be the next Eagle scout. I did well, seeing that its hard to mess up on your own opinion of something. Then they asked me first aid, did well until they asked me the difference between hypo- and hyper- thermia. Well I knew one was to hot and the other to cold, but I had no idea what one was cold and what one was hot. After an hour or so of questions and talking they sent me out of the room to chat among themselves. When they came out they all looked quite serious and it was pretty terrifying to see. The one man then put his hand out and said congratulations. I was so relieved, I had been worrying about this since the day I turned all my paper work in. I was now done, no more badges, no more baords, no more anything, except becoming a Assistant Scoutmaster, I guess we will see how that work out.

Well for a celebration, my two friends and I went up to Erie fishing for steelhead. We left my house around 5:30 and got there around 8:00. We went to a place on Elk Creek and surprisingly there was only about 6 cars when we got there. We got dressed in our gear and headed up the creek. Walked about 1/2 a mile or so up the creek without seeing one fish. We decided to head back down the creek and give another spot a try. We got there and had the spot to ourselves. It was to deep to see fish but I figured there would definitely be a few in there. Started fishing and 5 minutes later I had one on, not sure if I had snagged it out not but it got off anyways. We left after someone came down and started "fly fishing" with about 8 split shot on his line and a big plastic bobber.

I decided we give the East side tribs a try seeing that I have never fished there and would like to see what they are like. We went to 20 mile and didn't see a fish there either, so we decided to try 16 mile. Ended up finding a few fish in some runs of water. Had around 10 hookups between the three of us in about an hour but all got off except one. I caught it and it was around 8 inches, I didn't even see him in the pod of steelhead we were fishing. It was starting to get dark so we decided to leave. Had alot of laughs, shared some funny stories, and got some more funny stories, but it still would have been nice to catch a legal fish.

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