Saturday, September 1, 2012

Again, sorry

Haven't really posted in a while, college started and I am getting a little busy and just forgot to, also haven't been fishing to much. I do have some pictures from about two weeks ago, I will try and put them up tomorrow.

Also Early goose season starts tomorrow along with dove. My dad, my 2 brothers and I will be going out dove/goose hunting, it just depends, tomorrow so hopefully I will get some pictures of our game.

I also am more than likely going to buy a decent camera so I can take pictures with, so I may be throwing the occasional few nice pictures I take up on here whether they are outdoors related or not.  Still trying to decide between the camera or a new shotgun, not sure yet.

Also also, I can't wait for steelhead season, not to far away, but I probably won't get up to Erie till Thanksgiving when I have a nice long break from college.

Aright that's all, check back tomorrow so you can see the fish we caught.

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