Friday, September 21, 2012

My good friend

One of my best friends and easily one of the funniest guys I know is going to the University of Kentucky for journalism. One of his assignments, and I am assuming it will be ongoing for sometime is to make a blog. He needs some comments for his blog to get graded well, so if you could please go over and take a look at it. He isn't just talking about fishing, but more of what a journalist would be talking about. Now I did ask him if he would be willing to make a few about our fishing trips and he agreed without a problem. BUT the only time we will be fishing is sometime in November over our Fall/Thanksgiving break, so he might not make one until then. Again this is school work and he has to be serious on it, it's not just pictures but it is a very good read.

"  I am William Wright, the year is 2042, and I have been to Thailand, Australia, Havana, London, Venice, Chile and Moscow. These are the places I continue to dream about and continue to learn from. I’ve walked through many markets, made many friends, and laughed with many people that don’t get my jokes. The planet Earth is my home and humanity is my family. I will never stop meeting my distant relatives, visiting my undiscovered homes, and, most importantly, I will never stop looking over the hills outside of jewelry stores."

This is the last paragraph of one of his entries, it was a good read I thought so maybe you can go over and check it out and leave a comment or two.  That's the link so go check it out, please and thank you.

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