Thursday, March 21, 2013

Picture This

Rod gets a hit, fish is about to pull it over the edge, I make a mad dash for it, slip, slide with my face inches from a concrete wall, my hands go perfectly on to the rod, set the hook, and then I catch my fish. 

Did you picture it? Well if you didn't it was awesome. I had forgotten to loosen my drag and I guess the fish they stocked in Canonsburg where a little bigger than normal. My buddy Steve and I went out today for about 2 hours until the cold got to us and we went home. He landed 4 and I landed 6, so ten and all and a few more we missed, not bad for a freezing cold day, temps didn't even break 25 while we were out. I might head out tomorrow, not sure if I want to deal with the cold weather again or not.

Last week I did go up to Meadow Run, water was pretty high, had one fish on that I lost to a tree, my buddy had another two on that he also lost. The water was strong enough we were using 6 weights to chuck the proper weight to get the nymphs to sink fast enough, I normally would use my 3 weight on this creek. It was crazy.

We also ended up not going to Erie, friend cancelled last minute, a few words were exchanged and then we went and ate breakfast the following morning before he left back to school. You just can't hate your bro forever.

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