Monday, March 5, 2012


I finally got to get out this past Sunday to go and do some trout fishing. I went out one time before this to a lake but that's just no fun. We went up to Laurel Hill creek, it was just stocked Saturday to try and get a few on the fly. Conditions were nowhere near ideal, it had rained pretty hard two days before and brought the creek up a lot. P.A. also decided to have a winter day and it was snowing and 30 decrees all day long.

When we got there I casted out and within ten minutes caught one. We then went 5 hours without catching another freaking fish. I did have a good time though, loved being able to get out of the house and outside fishing. Towards the end of the day everything went to shit though, friend fell halfway in and my waders started leaking. So we decided we should probably call it a day and get out of there before we died.

Next weekend I'll be going to see the Fly Fishing film, and hopefully that Tuesday after I will be stocking trout and then doing some fishing. I will tell you how all that goes later.

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