Friday, May 11, 2012


Went out to mingo with my brother again today, caught 3 fish fairly quickly. Walked up the creek were he got one and I got another. Went back down and he got one and I got two more. I caught mine on salmon eggs he caught his on green powerbait worms. It was an interesting day though. We saw many creatures out and about. I saw a snake poke his head out from a rock, look at me and then slowly go back inside his hole. My brother caught a little snapping turtle not much bigger than a quarter. And we also watched a squirrel fall from a tree into the creek, made us laugh pretty hard. He swan out and climbed up the wall and was back in the tree in no time.

Also got my 101 trout of the year, only 49 more until I get my goal for the year. I plan to take a weekend trip to the Allegheny national forest or out west to Tioga/Lycoming county, not sure yet. Also plan on spending a day or two in West Virginia.

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