Sunday, May 6, 2012

New Creeks

My friend and I went up to Clear Shade creek to help stock and then fish. It was storming on our way up and we figured that the fishing was going to be terrible. The rain was coming down so hard. We had hit a puddle on 70 that was at least a foot deep. We got to the meeting place and found out it had only rained for around 20 minutes, a little hope. Followed them out to the creek where we were greeted by 40 to 50 other anglers ready to catch the fish. Thank god this was the normal approved trout waters section, not the Fly fishing only where we were planning on fishing. Went to help stock and didn't even get to put a bucket in, so we decided to just go fishing instead. Found a few holes that looked promising and didn't catch anything out of them. Further up we found a nice deep hole with a nice current. I saw a few fishing rising on the other side of the creek in a different current then I was fishing. I tried to cast over to them a few times but I couldn't get a good drift. I decided to walk down then over closer to them. I had a white wooly bugger on and put a split shot on several inches above it. I would cast it out and let it drift down near the bottom, caught 6 in less than an hour this way. Three were really nice sized fish, two being around 15 and the other around 17.

  It started to get hot and the bite died down so we decided to go and get some food. After a short food and bathroom break at McDonald's we decided to go and try a wild trout stream. We ended up getting lost and going to a different wild trout creek. We had no idea it was the wrong one, but it indeed was. I caught 5 wild trout and 2 stocked one out of here. It was crazy, they would hit anything you threw as long as you threw it right. This was also my first time wild trout fishing, very cool experience, the scenery helped out the experience too. I ended up with 13 fish, and my friend got 6, his were all wild. It makes me laugh that people give no credit to stocked fish, sometimes they are incredibly difficult to catch, others, not so much. Well I have 96 fish so far, hopefully I will get out tonight and be able to get to 100.

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