Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A new catch

Brother and I were back out at mingo today after they stocked. Fishing was slow for the first 2 hours and then it started to pick up. My bro caught one early and didn't get anything else. I fished for chubs with a dry fly to ease my boredom. I looked up and there he was with a black snake or a garter snake, not sure, but it was cool and he was happy. Decided to try a nymph and start actually fishing for trout. Managed 2 while my brother was downstream fishing. I was quite happy that I managed to get in front of him when he walked up with 2 in his hands. Apparently he wanted some trout for dinner, whatever. Now he again has one more than me. Changed patterns and bam got 4 more, and he only managed to get one more. Although we did have some problems. I casted out and hooked into a fish while on the phone, he reeled it in for me and netted it. No idea whose fish it was, I think it was his but he wouldn't take it. I guess that one just goes in the extra fish column? Who knows, I did try to get him to catch a trout on the fly. He missed a couple, maybe next time he will get one.

And for the new catch, I caught a caterpillar, how? I don't know but I did. Back casted and realized something was wrong. Looked at my hook and there was a caterpillar stuck to it, made me laugh.


  1. Awesome on the caterpillar, and wowza on doing a net job on the phone. How does one fly fish while on the phone?!

  2. The caterpillar was a tough on to bring in, and to be honest I have no idea? I don't think I could manage it again