Sunday, May 20, 2012

Last two days

Got out friday night with a few friends of mine to do some carp fishing at the river. Lost two due to snags and rocks breaking me off, landed one though. First one of the year, forgot how much they fought compared to trout, made me remember why I liked fishing for them.

Went out Saturday night again with my little brother. Water started coming up so we reeled in and one of his lines was snagged. So I walked down shore with it playing and and tugging it trying to un-snag it, which I did, and while I was reeling it in I had a fish grab it about 5 feet of shore. Brought it in and it was a small musky, first one I had ever caught.

Sorry about the sideways picture, for some reason my computer wont let me flip it. The first picture you can see the stripes and the second I don't look like a complete idiot haha. Well I might get back down a night or two this week, I'll know as the week goes on, but I am going on a camping/fishing trip with my two friends this weekend so I should have some stories after that.

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