Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Elitists and the Uninformed

I recently posted on facebook that "finding good wild trout streams is a pain in the ass." In about 20 minutes one of my "friends" asked if I had found any and asked where they where. I also asked on a forum for a little help trying to find some good streams in the Laurel Highland area. I had someone reply that I needed to get a book and find them. I really hate people like this, both of them. I want to clarify I had indeed spent 2 hours looking and mapping out areas with wild trout, going onto the PFBC site to see what types of fish they held and what the concentration of them was. I also should say, I did have a gentleman give me more than enough information on where to get started, a lot more than I was expecting and I was very thankful. It just pisses me off when someone who knows the area because they live their and don't have to drive an hour won't even get you pointed in the right direction and tells you to go exploring. If the creeks were ten to twenty minutes away I would be all for exploring the area and finding creeks that might have wild trout that aren't named or never fished, but I don't live that close, so I cant do that. It also aggravates me when someone just asks for any info you find, do a little research, I have been doing my own, ya once I find out I will maybe help you out and get you pointed in the right direction, but no I am not going to tell you everything I found. I do understand why the man said to go exploring, he probably thinks I am just a random dude asking for info, but I already looked up everything I could and just wanted a little help from there.

I jumped around a lot there so if it got confusing here is the main idea of it, I hate people who won't help you at all because they did their exploring so you do yours, and I hate people who want to put 0 effort into finding wild trout and just want your information.

OK I vented, I am done, now to fishing. I will hopefully be going out Saturday to a couple creeks to see what they have in store for me. I would like to have a few creeks for when my buddy gets back from college to go fishing. It will be my first time fishing somewhere far away without my fishing buddy, it is going to be real weird, but I guess I will just have to get over that. Hopefully I will find a few wild trout and maybe some stray stocked fish to make my wintry months just a little nicer. First time fishing in the winter for trout to, its definitely going to be an experience  I will try to take my camera and get a few pics, probably not of fish though, don't want to get it wet.

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