Monday, January 14, 2013

Success in Erie

My neighbor and I went to Erie on Saturday. The creeks were brown and high due to a little rain and snow melt so we ended up fishing the mouth of trout run. Sadly I didn't use my fly rod, to many people and I didn't want to be that guy who took for ever to get a fish in. So I stuck with what I new best, my noodle rod. We arrived when the sun was just rising. I took to long and didn't get a spot right away, I need to learn how to tie my shoes on faster. After a gentleman left I took his spot and had a hit immediately on powerbait, then another, missed both of them. So I tied on a treble hook and SNAGGED him, no I am just kidding, I caught one on my first cast with the powerbait and treble hook though. I guess the single hook had a hard time finding it mouth. I ended up using a whole jar of that stuff without bringing another fish to hand. I had some on, just couldn't get them in. The bite was on and off all day though, they would hit like crazy for 30 or so minutes and then die off for an hour or so. Closer to the end of the day I was using an egg imitation and caught a small jack. Then a little while after a landed a nice one. First time in my Erie fishing history I have ever caught a limit in one day. 6 fish for my Erie career, 3 on this day. Didn't manage to bring anymore to hand, lost a few more though. We ended up with 6 fish brought to hand, 3 each and about 20 hook ups that broke us off or spit the hook. Had a great day though, weather was nice, not tooooo many people, enough were I would have rather been fishing the high creeks, but it was bearable.

I went hunting the day before and today without any luck, but I was happy with Saturday's results. I will be going hunting tomorrow again with a few friends and hopefully going up to the mountains fishing for wild trout a few times in the next two weeks. I would like to get either a wild rainbow or brown before I go back to school, but if I don't wild brook trout will be fine.

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