Monday, April 30, 2012

Couple of firsts

Went fishing yesterday afternoon with my younger brother again. Started out at the shitty hole since there were a few guys at the hole I liked. Saw a few fish rising and I thought I would just randomly throw a dry and see if I could get one. A few different flies later and I had my first fish on the dry fly. It was about a 12 inch brown. Pretty cool to see it come up and take it. Walked up to my favorite spot and didn't even get a hit there. Water was real low and clear, probably the reason. Walked down to the spot we caught three at the day before and had another on. Thought I had the bottom and twitched my rod and watched the trout open its mouth and spit it out. We then heard an owl across the creek in the woods hooting. We were searching for it when my brother saw it jump out of the tree and pointed it out. It was pretty big, and really cool looking. Also saw a bat fall into the water and climb out on a rock ledge nearby. All in all it was a cool after noon even without a large amount of fish. I will be out again tomorrow after they stock to see if I can fight the crowds and catch a few with my friend and brother.


  1. Fishing with my bro is my favorite thing to do with him. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. Seems like fishing with him can end any argument we are having, its always a good time.