Saturday, April 28, 2012


Scheduled my classes for my freshman fall semester at CalU. Managed to get Thursday's free which is awesome, I will try to be hunting or fishing every Thursday during school. After I got home my brother and I went out to Mingo for some trout fishing. Started at my favorite hole with no success. There was a nice 16 to 17 inch fish but he wouldn't take anything, might try for him again tomorrow. Then we walked down to probably my least favorite hole. Didn't catch a single thing, had a few rise at my dry fly though. Walked down to my second favorite hole that sadly they didn't stock this time around. Saw a few swimming around and casted my dry towards one. It came up and grabbed it, but I believe I set the hook to fast and pulled it out instantly, you live and learn I guess. I then went on to drop my phone in the creek and decided it was best if we moved. The next spot I asked a guy to use his phone and called home, told them to give us an hour and come get us. We then managed 3 fish, my brother got two, I got 1, before we left. I wasn't to happy that my little brother out fished me, but whatever, it obviously wasn't my day. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

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