Sunday, April 15, 2012

Round 2

So I went out today to see if I could catch some trout again. The day after opening day may be one of the hardest to catch trout on. They tend to be quit lock jawed and don't take anything. I decided to try out the spot I did so well yesterday, caught 2 fish fairly quickly and didn't have another hit after that. Decided to walk down the creek, giant mistake, my hip waders are slightly insulated, I though I was going to die, not fun at all. It really wasn't fun when I decided I would have probably done better were I started and decided to walk all the way back. Now a mile or a mile and a half walk isnt bad in what felt like 70 degrees weather when you have shorts and a t-shirt on, but put on jeans, hip waders, a long sleeve shirt and a vest, its terrible. But I lived, got back to the whole and managed 7 more on various different things from a scud I tied to salmon eggs, but not a bad day for they day after opening day.

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