Friday, April 6, 2012


After school my friend and I went out to the DHALO sections of Dutch Forks to hopefully catch a few trout. We get there and notice that the water was probably a foot or 2 below normal flow and see absolutely no fish where we normally would. So we decided to start at the bottom of the section and walk upstream and see if we could catch any. Fished a couple of holes without any success until we get to a nice deep hole. My friend casts out and ends up hooking an average sized stocked rainbow, first fish of the day and his second this year. A little while later we walked up the creek to find a few holes still flowing nice and started fishing them. He soon had a brown trout and was now up by two trout that day. (I specify trout because I out fished him at this point with around 10 to 15 creek chubs, it only got worse as the day went on) I decided to get the hell away from him because he kept pissing me off, so I walked up the creek until he was out of eye sight. Casted out and bam, caught another creek chub. Then one hit my indicator and I thought about changing to a dry fly just to catch some chubs. Good thing I didn't because not even a minute later I caught my first trout. After almost falling in a few minutes later I figured I should move.

Walked a little further upstream until I got to another nice spot. At this point my friend caught up with me and was fishing with me. After floating my nymph down this hole I went to cast again and bam, a fish grabbed it right when I went to pull it, 2nd fish of the day. We noticed that bugs were starting to go crazy around us and then we realized we were watching a hatch. I had no idea what they were but it was pretty cool, they were pretty small, pretty cool to see, until the fish started jumping about thirty yards up the creek in posted property. Ya not cool, went and talked to the landowner and asked if we could fish there. They said no because some idiot went and cut their horses fences letting them out on to the highway. We understood and went back to fishing and watching as all these trout were jumping.

Well when the hatch ended it started to get cold and we headed back, we tried one more spot where I managed to catch another trout, it was a lot smaller but it still counted. Ended up out fishing him 3 to 2, not a bad day. I felt good about being able to catch fish that were stocked about a month ago and spread out a lot. Sorry no pictures, to busy fishing. We will be going to hopefully catch some wild trout Monday so maybe I will have some pictures then.

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