Monday, April 23, 2012

An easy fix

Or so I thought. My Daiwa reel had recently broken when landing a big fish. The next cast my bail spring broke so I needed it fixed. I emailed Daiwa the day after about it and waited a few days without any email back. So I checked and saw that Tackle Unlimited was a certified Daiwa repair shop. A couple emails later and they said they had the part I went out to go and get it fixed. I waited around for 15 minutes or so and bam they were done, actually 15 minutes is a very long time because it was such an easy task, but I just blew it off and looked around for some new fishing stuff. The whole repair cost me around 8 to 10 bucks which really isn't bad. But today I decided to pick my reel up for some odd reason and reel it a few times. The bail felt like it was moving and when the bail would set, it would click twice. I decided I would open it up and see whats going on. Unscrewed everything to take a look and realized the bail spring wasn't the right size. They had cut and jammed a spring that was to large for the reel into it. They had also bent my bail and now it is wider than it should be. The only good thing was that Daiwa emailed me today and said that they were sorry about the late reply and that the part was on back order and that they would be sending me a few when they come in. So I am happy about the fact that Daiwa is sending me a few free of charge but pissed that I just spent money on people to break my reel even further. Lesson learned, fix your own damn reels, just buy the part and do it yourself, they really are not that complicated if you have a diagram on the computer.

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