Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Not bad

Most of the holes are fished out now, 3 days after opening day what can you expect? Water was low, fish were spooky, I was tired from tennis, but hey I figured I would go out with my younger brother and see if we could catch anything. We went around 6 o'clock to the only decent hole in the creek due to the water being low. It has a small waterfall and keeps the water more oxygenated than most of the other stocked parts. Had two on, both on salmon eggs, and they both got off, size 14 hooks are a pain to use. Did catch one on a salmon egg shortly after, and then my brother caught another on a trout magnet. I then tried a pheasant tail nymph and caught another slightly larger one. Tried for another half an hour and decided to move. I figured I would try and catch one on the dry fly. At our new spot I casted out and watched a sip on the surface and bam set the hook and made a poor little chub go flying. Didn't catch anything after this, but I did have a trout take a look at my dry, maybe next time.

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