Friday, April 13, 2012

Dry fly or Nymph

I was on a fishing forum recently and read how several guys wont fish anything other than dries because of the initial take from the trout, or the sipping of the fly. I really don't understand this though, I honestly would rather fish with a type of nymph. I like trying to read water and guess if a trout will be in their or not, I also like fishing faster water were it seams like trout are more willing to take the fly. So I think getting a trout in a piece of water that I picked out and was clueless to wether it held fish or not is better than watching a fish take my dry.

Now I should mention that I have yet to catch a trout on a dry fly, this could be the reason, not sure though. I will hopefully find out later on this year. Also I do understand that you could catch a trout on a dry when they aren't rising, but its uncommon and nymphs are a lot more effective in this case. Anyways ya, just throwing that out there, not dissing on anyone for what type of fly they use, I could care less, just saying my thoughts. And good luck to anyone fishing the P.A. opener, ill be out with a couple of my good friends at 5 in the morning. I doubt I'll get pics, I'll be trying to race and beat them in number and can't take time for pictures unless its a big one.

Feel free to add your opinions on dries and nymphs*

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  1. This is something I hear from time to time...I mostly think its because they have overly romanticized the sport. Nymphing catches more fish hands down. I don't think a trout taking a dry is any more or less exciting than a bass taking a bug either.