Monday, April 15, 2013


I just noticed, I hit 1,000 page views today, only took 2 years and some of it was probably from spam sites, but cool shit. Back to fishing though.

Went back out to Mingo today hoping that the crowds had died down a lot, they didn't die down to much. I landed 8, 5 on flies and 3 on salmon eggs again. I did feel pretty good today as I helped a young kid catch a few trout. He was using minnows as bait and killing them, just not seeing ti happen so he missed a good bit of fish. As I stood on the bank I was watching a fish eye up his bait, he grabbed it and I started yelling for him to set the hook. Sadly he didn't realize I was talking to him and didn't get it.... Second time around he did. He said it was his first fish of the year, he dad said thanks. I helped him catch another on and hid brother a second, it felt really good doing so. I ended up sitting on the bank for a few minutes watching as the three brother bickered back and forth and laughed because I do the same with mine. I ended up leaving the hole to move to a different one were I managed three to make my 8. They kid and his brothers landed 6 or 7 in total, it was nice to help out though. Well I hit 148, only 2 more to go, doesn't seem like a problem. That drivers license really helps with getting the number, maybe next year 250? Maybe I should just wait till next year to decide. No fishing tomorrow, probably none Tuesday and again none on Wednesday  stupid classes, oh well. At least Thursday I have a whole day to go out and fish, and a few hours Friday evening.

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