Sunday, April 14, 2013

Well it has come and gone once again.

Had a pretty good day yesterday and it was full of laughs. Got to the creek at around 5 and there was already a bunch of guys. My buddies got there at 6:30 and got stuck on the outer edge of the pool. Started out chucking Trout Slayers, then salmon eggs and that was about it. I caught 27 at this point and decided to start fly fishing. Started out with some fairly normal flies, only picked up a few though. Then switched to eggs again without a bobber or weight and would just let the egg slide down and I would pop it up when it hit the bottom, fish killed it. I also used a leach pattern that caught me around 7 or 8 fish. Then we found a few small redworms on the muddy bank, I laughed and put one on and sure enough a fish hit it, this thing was barely an inch long but it worked pretty good. I ended the day with 71, my buddy will with 27 and my buddy Alex with somewhere around 8 or 9, but he left really early, needed to go home and finish a project for one of his courses.

Well that makes 140 fish, heading back out in a little, hopefully I will get the ten I need. Also I may be putting a video up shortly, friend needs to send it to me, but it is of me catching a fish and releasing it. Gopros are pretty cool, I need to get me on

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