Saturday, April 27, 2013

It only takes 3 guys to ruin a good day...

Thursday I was free from school like normally and decided to go and help stock Pike run again. Did all the normal stuff, threw some fish in the water, you know how it is. After it was all done I fished the last hole we stocked since no one was there. Didn't take to long for that to change, 3 vehicles in about 5 minutes arrived so I decided to bounce and head back to the DHALO section of the creek. Had the hole all to myself when 2 guys and 2 of their kids came down to the hole, no big deal normally. They then pulled out the bait and started using it, I couldn't believe it, they had actually helped stock the creek and now where doing whatever the hell they pleased. I told them they weren't allowed to use corn in the DHALO section, there reply? "I asked the warden, he said you can use corn to fish for trout." Ya you can fish for trout with it, but only where you can fish with bait. They said they didn't realize it was a DHALO section and would head out. But I got frustrated and left before them just hoping they would leave. Talked to a guy the day after who told them about an hour after me that they couldn't use corn there, guess they didn't leave.

Went up to a different hole and was again alone, caught a few there then a man and his 2 kids came down and believe it or not they were using bait. There are about 10 different signs at this hole that the guy apparently didn't see when he walked in after his kids. He then asked if it was a DHALO section which I replied yes to and then he told his kids they would have to leave as he stood there and casted in. I was just dumbfounded and started getting ticked. Then sure enough, like the world new I was already mad, his kid caught a fish that swallowed the hook. Well being good ol dad, don't want to waste a 15 cent hook, he tries to rip it out of the fishes throat, and after about 5 minutes he fails and cuts the line, proceeds to throw the fish out watch it go belly up and then watch his kid kick it. He immediately left after this. What a waste, I was so pissed at him it was unbelievable. Ended up with 17 fish that day, but didn't catch a single fish after the run in with that guy.

I did go out the next day and luckily had a much better day. Only caught thirteen trout and a big sucker, but had a good time bull shitting with 2 guys I met out there. I also caught that 18 incher that I caught about a month ago again, CPR(Catch Photo Release) really works. And I did find out that the 2 wardens out there busted 4 guys for bait in the DHALO section, not the guys the pissed me off sadly. but at least it is something. Found out the one officer was sitting in the woods watching the guys.

Bad picture of the trout, it flopped out of my hand a second before the picture snapped and being stupid I just had to retake it.

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